Motorhome Insurance Northern Ireland

More and more people are buying motorhomes so they can incorporate driving with short breaks or holidays, all in one complete package. It’s therefore essential to purchase adequate motorhome insurance to cover any type of mishap that may occur while en route from one location to another.

Campervan Insurance Northern Ireland

Owning and driving a campervan is great fun and like all other types of vehicles, it is extremely wise to insure it with a reputable company that offers great deals and a superb service along with great features

Driving School Insurance Northern Ireland

For driving schools in Northern Ireland and indeed anywhere in the UK having the right insurance is imperative to cover instructors, drivers and the cars. The best way to make sure you are protected from any eventuality is to make contact with specialists online who can offer great deals via online quotations. 

Driving Instructor Insurance Northern Ireland

Teaching people to drive is a most rewarding occupation, of course you need plenty of patience and be able to encourage new drivers when they feel they aren’t doing too well. Driving schools have many experienced instructors working for them so consequently need to ensure they and of course the cars are well insured.

Taxi Insurance Northern Ireland

Lennox Insurance has offered Taxi Insurance in Northern Ireland for the past 10 years. During this time we have developed a substantial clientele within the taxi industry in both Private and Public hire sectors.